Why Rug Restoration Services Are Important

Often, before first-rate rug cleaning can be delivered, our team will need to perform rug restoration services first. Rug restoration services are very advantageous, mainly because they save rug owners from having to get expensive rug replacements.
Furthermore, if you have a rug that you absolutely adore, you can take comfort in knowing that restoration services will allow you to hold onto this fixture for as long as possible. Our rug restoration experts have the tools, materials, machines, and know-how necessary to perform a wide range of rug restoration services, and this is why we’re preferred and trusted by those who need rug restoration in NJ.
While it’s true that we perform dozens of rug restoration services, we are often called on to do rug coloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing. If you want to know more about these common rug restoration services, then read on, as each one is briefly discussed below.


What Is Rug Recoloring And Why Is It Sought After?

When a rug is first purchased, it’s vibrant and very appealing to the eye. But as time goes on, a rug will lose its visual appeal, and at some point it could be so dull that you don't even know what the design is anymore.
At this point, you should get rug recoloring from our experts. They have been performing this kind of restoration work for years, and they are meticulous and detailed. You'll never have to worry about dye ruining your rug. When we're done with recoloring, your rug will look like it was just purchased yesterday.

How To Know It’s Time To Get Rug Reweaving

Rug reweaving is another restoration service that rug owners need often. If you have Persian and oriental rugs, you may need reweaving multiple times in a single year. Those who have damaged rugs can also benefit from getting a reweaving service.
If your rug looks like moths or other insects have been at it for months, getting in touch with our pros will be a good move. We’ll restore your rug to its former glory, and when we’re done your rug will not only be sturdy but attractive as well.

When It’s Necessary To Get Area Rug Binding

Rug binding will save you from getting an expensive rug replacement. We can use binding tape or a heavy duty sewing machine to bind your rug. It's up to you. We’ll always pursue the most affordable option, and we’ll work fast to ensure your rug is bound before you even miss it.

Your Rug Will Look Good After Fringing

Do you have hand-woven rugs in your home? These are particularly prone to unraveling. For this reason, owners of these rugs often call us when they need a fast and affordable fringing. We can even fringe the oldest rugs you have, no matter the condition they’re in. We’re always careful, which is one reason why we’re trusted by those who need rug restoration in NJ.